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    Tracing the footsteps of Stefan Fuchs

I decided to create FOX as an easy to use tool for independent labels one week after the unexpected passing of my beloved friend Stefan Fuchs in 2016. Stefan and I worked together for 20 years. We went through all the highs and lows here at Officer solutions and I could always count on him, no matter what. And so did he. We had fun and we had fights, as in every good friendship. So yes: we were really, really good friends.

Stefan's main focus at our company was the support of hundreds of users. He was well known and respected for his calm and kind way of explaining even the most complex workflow to everyone. We can not and will not replace this beautiful human being, there is no other Stefan Fuchs in this world during my lifetime.

But I thought we should develop a solution for some smaller companies that previously would count on Stefan's and my help, even if they could not afford a professional software package and support. We want to continue to be a very indie - friendly company and it is hard to do so without our old friend. FOX is meant to be a clever companion for modern, digital native companies with simple workflows and royalty scenarios. It is an effort to continue Stefan's philosophy of making the small guys count. They deserve it and people around the world will continue to discover their music.

After 3 years in market, FOX has grown to a powerful tool, covering most needs of an independent company, today. I hope you enjoy using this program - you are tracing the footsteps of Stefan Fuchs, a great man with a wonderful heart.

May 2019
Rudolf Chelbea, founder & CEO Officer solutions
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Stefan Fuchs with my son Paul, Corsica 2013

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Our new flagship product Royalty Producer X covers even complex contract scenarios and will also be available as a client/server system later this year.

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