Frequently Askes Questions
What is the cost of your products?
We take every single company very serious, even the very small ones. We first listen to the needs of our possible customers and and learn about the business situation and workflow of each company. We then check our possibilities and
send an offer that will meet the customer's needs best, regarding price, feature set and training.

We do this to reduce the time for both, you and us, to find out if our software meets your requirements. We know from our own company history how frustrating it can be when probing a software solution for weeks, just to find out that it just doesn't match. So we do us all a favor and give honest answers when we find a possible deal breaker.

The regular price for Fox starts at 1000 EUR (50 bundles/500 assets) and can scale up to 5000 EUR (unlimited bundles/assets), depending on the options you choose and the amount of assets you have to administer. We offer a
20% rebate for all orders received in January 2017.
Do you offer special prices for small companies?
In the past 20 years we were always open to even the smallest companies, so please be clever and ask us for our
special start up package, when the following circumstances apply:

  • company not older than three years
  • less than 25 bundles or 250 assets to administer
  • yearly turnover less than 25.000 EUR / USD
How much does your support cost?
Every software purchase comes with a support credit for one hour included. For additional hours we charge 79 EUR / hour, based on 5 minute steps, after a support ticket is closed.
What are the system requirements for running your software?
Our software is based on the latest FileMaker 15 technology and runs on:
  macOS 10.10-10.12
  Windows 7-10.

As every database-centric software, our apps love a fast disc system. So here are our recommendations. They are equal for Macintosh and Windows computers:

   a recent computer, not older than 5 years
   a Core i3 or better processor
   a minimum of 8GB of RAM
   a fast hard disc (an SSD is
highly recommended)
On what operating system does your software run?
As our applications are based on the latest FileMaker 15 platform, we officially support the following operating systems:

Windows 10 Pro Edition
Windows 10 Enterprise Edition
Windows 8.1 Standard Edition
Windows 8.1 Pro Edition
Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition
Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Edition
macOS Sierra 10.12
OS X El Capitan 10.11
OS X Yosemite 10.10

Don't panic if your Windows flavor is not listed here. We can send you a fully working demo version to test against your system. Based on our internal tests, our software runs on any version of Windows 7-10.
What is the difference between buying a software license and a subscription?
When you
buy a software license from us, you get an timely unlimited license to use the software. You will receive updates for free during the first year of usage. After the first year, we will offer you software updates that you can buy, when needed (opt-in).The main advantage of choosing a software license purchase is the good feeling to own a professional solution forever, without any liabilities for further investments.

Software subscriptions allow you to use our software during a minimum term of one year by paying us a monthly usage fee. The monthly fee covers all update costs during the subscription term, so you are always running the newest software generation. Subscriptions typically cost 10% of the regular software price, per month. The main advantage of choosing a subscription is the calculable cost per month for a professional solution that is always up to date.
How much do you charge for updates?
Fox is being constantly extended and adapted. Generally, updates are issued twice a year. But we also offer new functions (modules) from time to time that can be ordered separately, when needed (Opt-in).

For software purchases (one time license fee)
Updates are free during the first year of software usage. After the first year, updates are sold at approximately 20% of the original license cost. There is no obligation to buy updates in the future, but we highly recommend it as they are really inexpensive for the value you get. When available, new features are offered to our customers and they can buy them separately (no obligation).

For license subscriptions
During the term of a license subscription, all updates are included. The minimum term of a license subscription is one year. You will always run the newest software. When new features are available, we will offer them to you as an option. If you opt-in for new features, the monthly subscription fee will be raised accordingly. There is no obligation to buy new features if you don't need them.
What happens with my data when the subscription ends?
We at OFFICER solutions try to keep our customers as independent as possible. This is also true for our monthly subscription plans, They do not deprive you from your ownership of data. When you duly stop the subscription after the minimum subscription term of one year, the software goes into read-only mode for 2 weeks where you can still access and
export all of your data. The system will show messages and urge you to save (export) your data. After this period, the system will block all further access and you have to remove the software from your computer(s).

During subscription, our software regularly checks your license online at our servers. If the software can not connect to our servers for more than 3 weeks or if you are late with your payment for more than 3 weeks, the software will block any further access and you will have to contact us to resolve the issues.
What happens when I exceed the licensed number of bundles or assets?
The software will issue warnings when the number of administered bundles or assets are reaching 90% of your license. From there on, you should contact us to upgrade your license. However, the software allows to exceed the licensed number of bundles or assets by 10%. So if you licensed 100 bundles, the software will allow you to enter 110 bundles for your convenience and to avoid interruptions when importing new metadata.

But we highly recommend to upgrade your package as soon as the system issues a warning when nearing the licensed number of bundles/assets.
Does your software communicate via the internet?
Yes. Our software communicates over the internet to secure the following functions:

  • get current exchange rates from floatrates.com
  • deliver royalty statements
  • check the license status of your version (subscriptions only)
Our software only uses standard ports that you use every day for surfing the internet or sending mails.

   Check us out today and let's see what we can do for you.

About Us

OFFICER Solutions was born in 1996. Since 2004 we deploy our royalty solutions to a growing international user base. Our customers are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We cultivate personal relationships with our user base and our customers have a direct influence on our work.

OFFICER solutions is introducing its next generation product line, based on the latest FileMaker 15 technology. All our offers are real software applications that run on the customer's computer.

Recent News

We lost our beloved friend and partner Stefan Fuchs in August 2016. Stefan was responsible for our support and took care of the many small companies that have founded our business. Consequently, Fox is meant to be a clever companion for modern, digital native companies with straight workflows and royalty scenarios. The application name was chosen in memory of our Mr. Fuchs (German for fox).
Our new flagship product Royalty Producer X is in development and will be released in spring 2017. Royalty Producer X covers even complex contract scenarios and will also be available as a client/server system.

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